Aspire, the Pre ILP

 is an online interactive learning program for new recruits before they join TCS.
 The program is mandatory for all IT and EIS candidates. 


1. Know Your TCS5. Introduction to Java Basics
2. Unix6. Communication
3. Software Engineering7. Database Concepts
4. Basics of Programming8. Web Technologies

Pre Assessment Test(PAT) 

Based on ASPIRE, there will be a PAT (Pre-Assessment Test) as soon as you join ILP to assess your
 level of preparedness for ILP.


Your Aspire participation score and PAT score will be one of the key factors in determining your 
allocation such as your posting location* and your ILP technical stream. 

1. Know Your TCS5. Introduction to Java Basics
2. Unix6. Communication
3. Software Engineering7. Database Concepts
4. Basics of Programming8. Web Technologies

What is tcs aspire? 

Congratulations, for getting selected in TCS. Aspire is an online test series which every recruited
candidate have to go through before going for their ILP. In this test series questions will be based
on basic s of various IT subjects, you can get the detailed study material online (along with answers).
So no big deal to clear it, its just if you score well, than you get a chance to select your stream
yourself, else you will be given one anyways .

ASPIRE is a mandatory learning program.Through this program, you will be able to know more about
TCS. It prepares you for the Initial Learning Program (ILP) that you will undergo after you join TCS
by helping you learn the basic concepts of IT IS.

Aspire test is something you have to appear to get a rank among all selected candidates of your
batch. You will have to start giving aspire test during your 8th semester and try to score higher
for an early joining letter. On the basis of aspire score, TCS will start rolling joining letters.
Aspire test mostly  covers basics of Computer Science and Programming.

TCS Aspire – Pre ILP Online Training Program

The candidates recruited are provided with online material which is consists of different modules.
These modules are assigned on the basis of the stream the candidate has to work in the organization.
 A module is deemed to be complete only when the candidate completes the online assessments
 associated with that particular module. These tests are online and can be taken sitting
 from anywhere in the world.

Initial Learning Program

Once all the modules are completed and the candidate clears all the exams associated with the
 modules he/she gets a joining date to report at ILP centre. At the ILP centre,
the candidate is given a 2-3 month training initiated with a formal orientation programme.

The initial learning program is partly instructed based and partly online which saves a lot of time both
 for the candidate and the trainers. This program again consists of simulations and exams which are
 needed to be cleared by the candidate. The aim is to impart soft skills, technical skills and practical
utilization skills based on the technology the candidate is mapped.

1st phase of Initial learning program
It is mainly designed for non CS people as CS people usually find it very easy. All the associates are
 taught basics of streams that they get. i.e. Java stream people learn Java related technologies,
 Unix – C++ people learn C++ , Unix technologies. There will be many hands on which one has to
complete and also some quizzes and tests for the evaluation. Everyone is provided with training
materials like recorded sessions and other useful resources.

2nd Phase of ILP
Different teams are formed (8-9 people in 1 team) and whoever performs best in phase 1 is chosen
as team leader. All the teams are given 1 project to work on having 2-3 modules. So team is further
divided and assigned a separate module to work on. Collectively a team has to develop and present
 the assigned project.

ACMEE Model of Sales Development Program
To enhance the technical and soft skills.
1.       Soft skills
2.       Technological skills
3.       Team-playing skills
4.       Company policies and procedures
5.       Project/Simulation
1.       Online materials/ videos
2.       On the job training
3.       Instructors based sessions
4.       Simulations
1.       Has a dedicated internal instructor team for training purposes
2.       A total of 2-3 months training
3.       Centralized training process
Online assessments, project assessments and instructor feedback

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